Starfleet's 11th Fleet has a brave history behind it. During the Dominion War, it reinforced the 5th Fleet along the Vulcan border prior to Operation Return, and was thereafter responsible for the protection of Benzar, the homeworld of a key member of the Federation. Unfortunately, therein lay the fleet's destruction, as the Dominion sent a strike force to Benzar with superior numbers after sending a decoy in the direction of Alpha Centauri. The 11th Fleet was overwhelmed and destroyed before reinforcements could arrive.

As of the year 2386, the 11th Fleet was reformed under the unofficial name 'Pegasus Fleet'. Its continuing mission; to explore the unknown regions at the Galactic South, and make and keep diplomatic negotiations with the Federation's neighbours.

The colony of Cestus III has been completely rebuilt since the events of 2267, and the infamed Gorn attack, and has been selected to serve as the headquarters for the newly re-formed Fleet. The location was chosen very specifically; a strong Federation colony close to its allies in the Klingon Empire, and also ideally placed to act as a deterrant to the Tholians and the Gorn - currently neutral goverments towards the Federation - from returning to their former aggressive attitudes. It also serves as a vital stepping stone to full exploring the region of space to the galactic 'south' of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

New Director of Personnel & Recruitment
22-Mar-2015     Fleet News
I'm pleased to announce that we have a new Director of Personnel and Recruitment, Rear Admiral Alec Maddox.
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PFA Monthly Report, February 2015
8-Mar-2015     Fleet News

For this month's monthly report I have a few announcements. First of all, I am delighted to present the new Chief of Fleet Operations, Rear Admiral Richard Gates.

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New PFA Structure Approved!
26-Jan-2015     Fleet News

As mentioned in this past month's monthly report, the Commanding Officers have been briefed on the details of the proposed PFA restructure plan. After a vote, the COs have unanimously voted to ratify the changes to the constitution.

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New Academy Commandant
26-Jan-2015     Fleet News

I am pleased to announce that the PFA has come to a decision on our new Academy Commandant. It is my pleasured to welcome Rear Admiral Remora Sumuru to the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

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PFA Monthly Report, January 2015
26-Jan-2015     Fleet News

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. I know that it has been a bit quiet the past month, but the PFA has been hard at work. I have a number of announcements to make.

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Sim Year: 2391
April 21, 2015



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